Michael Haussman is an award-winning director, writer and artist, whose internationally acclaimed work is featured in books and trade journals around the world. Haussman has directed music videos for Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Chemical Brothers, Kanye West, Usher, Shakira, Chris Cornell and Eric Clapton, among others. Haussman’s music videos have won several MTV and VH1 awards, including two MTV Video of the Year awards and the Museum of Modern Art award. Haussman’s commercial campaigns include work for Levi’s, Diesel, Absolut, Bvlgari, BMW, Yves Saint Laurent, Guinness, Ray-Ban, Coca-Cola, and more.


As an artist, Haussman’s most recent project is GRAVITY, a study of gravity’s effect on human emotion told through five high definition video sequences filmed at 2,000 frames per second. GRAVITY was chosen by the L.A. WEEKLY as one of the top ten pieces of art during the 2013 Art Platform L.A. Click here to read the article. The entire GRAVITY show opened in January 2013 at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles and earned reviews from Huffington Post, Moholy Ground, and SHOTS Magazine among others. The promo for GRAVITY is currently approaching one million views on YouTube.

As a painter, Haussman’s solo art show Naturales features large-scale matador and bull paintings (ink on paper). Naturales premiered at the Desoto gallery in Los Angeles and the New York Scope Art Fair prior to being featured in LA’s Group Showing. Haussman’s special regard for cultural diversity is displayed in Where They Play, a book of photography documenting football (soccer) fields from around the world. Where They Play reveals each culture’s interpretation of a field within their environment – from Guatemala, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, to Morocco, Italy, England and more.


Haussman completed two films in 2013. His short film The Audition, which he wrote and directed in Cinecitta Studios Rome, was chosen to compete in the 2013 VENICE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. The Audition has participated in eight international festivals, and won three awards, including two for best film.

Haussman’s documentary The Unsinkable Henry Morgan premiered in January 2013 at SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL, and is based on the discovery of Captain Morgan’s famous fleet of pirate ships, which sank off the coast of Panama in 1671. L.A. WEEKLY reviewed the film. Click here to read the article.

Past films include Rhinoceros Hunting In Budapest starring Nick Cave which premiered at the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL; Blind Horizon starring Val Kilmer, Neve Campbell, Sam Shepard, Amy Smart and Faye Dunaway; and a feature-length documentary about two matadors and the world of bullfighting, entitled The Last Serious Thing.

Haussman has recently completed global ad campaigns for United Airlines and Budweiser. He is currently in pre-production on his film GOOD GUYS, which he wrote and will direct in Rome 2014.